Korean Medicine with 5 generation legacy

Established in 1902 by Dr. Seok-hong Byun, the royal physician of the last emperor King Ko-jong,
Byun’s Korean Medicine Clinic possesses the transcendental expertise of Oriental Medicine that has
been passed over 5 generations.

Jewoldang, where it all began in 1902

When Korea was under Japanese Colony, Dr. Seok-hong Byun, the royal physician of the last emperor King Ko-jong, resigned from his position and started his practice here at Jewoldang to devote his life for the sick.

  • With the expertise of Oriental Medicine passed over 5 generations,
    Dr. Kiwon Byun identifies the roots of the symptoms to provide
    personalized treatments.

  • Education and Licenses

  • Oriental Medicine, Ph.D.
  • Adjunct Professor, Wonkwang University
  • Life member of Korean Society of Acupuncture
  • Life member of Korean Society of Acupoint, member
  • Assistant Director of Korean Society of oriental neuropsychiatry
  • Korean Society of Manual Medicine for Spine & Nerves, member
  • Training in Korean Comprehensive Medicine Academy
  • Previous Naver medical consultant focused on oriental neuropsychiatry
  • Yonsei University Education School
  • Certified practitioner of ICAK(International College of Applied Kinesiology)

To resolve your concerns, you need to know the origin of the symptoms
by testing your digestive system and identifying your constitutional
characteristics in Korean Medicine.

Our herbal medicine that has been passed down for 5 generations has been proven effective for many patients. Yet, we found that there were incidents when symptoms recur which we investigated to find the resolution.
We found out that digestive tract is is not simply a food processing system, and food can be medicine or toxin depending on what you eat.

We also found that the gut plays an important role in the interaction between diet and other systems in the body such as immunity. So we focused on treating the “gut” to enhance food processing system and modified diet to maintain the condition. As a result, patients can now identify offending food and ingestions and the unknown origin of the symptoms are their symptoms have been largely eliminated.


Byun’s Korean Medicine Clinic Treatment Program

Systematic examination and accurate diagnosis based on combining the expertise of tradition and modern digestive health medicine.


  • Constitutional Condition / Intestinal Sensitivity Examination.

    Identifying the constitution for an individual is very important in herbal medicine prescriptions. We use Applied Kinesiology test which examines the muscle force transmitted by the parietal lobe from the taste of one’s mouth to determine the constitution and confirm the intestinal sensitivity.

  • Gut Microbiome Analysis Test(GMA Test)

    GMA test is a genetic analysis if intestinal environment from a small amount of fecal matter which confirms the ratio of beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria, intermediate bacteria and obesity bacteria among the various bacteria present in the intestine.

  • Immunoglobulin test (IgG)
    Food Intolerance Test (222 allergens)

    Chronic allergy is linked to all organs of the human body and immune system that can cause chronic diseases. An immunoglobulin test finds allergens can find food that contain allergens to be excluded in your diet plan.

  • Urine organic acid test

    Unrine organic acid test identifies various metabolic activities in the body (digestion, detoxification, intestinal activity, metabolic process, etc.), and help identify elements to prevent malnutrition and diseases in numerical values.

  • Inflammation / metabolism test

    It is a test that can predict the risk of disease caused by DNA damage and mutation by checking for Apo E gene.

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